Fishbowl – the posh takeway


Address: 5 Atlantic Road, London, SW98HX

Phone: 020 3995 5299

Open: From 3:00 pm (Deliveroo)

Website (Deliveroo):

Instagram (Order by DM): #fishbowl_brixton

We recently reviewed this black owned restaurant (see here). We gave it favourable write-up and concluded that might even try the lobster for a special occasion. Well the special occasion arrived.

We ordered again through Deliveroo. We wanted to order the expensive menu, so we rang them direct, just in case they were going to run out – they advise to order relatively early, as they have a small kitchen and give their restaurant customers preference during the evening rush.

They have prawn, calamari or squid and chips on the relatively short menu, but we ordered the whole lobster boil bag (lobster, king prawns, shell prawns, crab, potatoes, blue swim crab and corn on the cob) at £60, plus some sweet potato fries.Everything was piping hot when it arrived. We started with the sweetcorn and potatoes and they were delicious especially in the sauce – more of that later. The crab – well it is crunchy but be prepared to be covered in a plastic bag before picking at the shell. Sauce goes everywhere and not sure the sofa will ever recover.

We were not disappointed with the prawns and lobster, but they were a little over-cooked probably because of the travelling time. We ordered the spicy sauce and this did make a difference to the veggies but luckily didn’t overpower the delicate lobster. We slurped our way through and nothing but a heap of shell was left.

The sweet potato fries arrived still crisp – often a problem as they steam in the box – again delicious.

The total cost is £60, which seems a lot but it provides a substantial meal for two and on this occasion three of us tucked in. We washed it down with a bottle of Riesling from Lidl, so Saturday night did seem more of a special occasion and highlighted that it was a weekend – hard to differentiate in these lockdown days.

One thought on “Fishbowl – the posh takeway

  1. This sounds v yummy and I plan to try it! I was wondering about using deliveroo though- I know it’s convenient but doesn’t the cut they take and their market power make life much harder for independent restaurants?

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